2021 Trends in Digital Marketing

Virtual events
If before it was not so attractive to see concerts online, 2021 is the year that the streaming industry will grow the most, not only for concerts but for all kinds of experiences that can bring the consumer closer, the closest thing to what they were used to and now with the benefit of being able to lower costs to the public.

To experience
As every year this is a determining factor in the purchase, CREATE A CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE on brands, we will see significant changes in communication and content towards consumers. What was previously posted on social networks, the classic banner or flyer, will no longer work. The trend is to make content short, effective and without a great production to create empathy with people.

This is a point that I think is one of the most important to consider since companies that do not understand how to communicate will not be able to survive on social networks.

Internet Ads
Due to the famous migration of users to the digital world, advertising on social networks and google ads will be more expensive, due to the constant demand that brands present when they want to promote themselves. So my recommendation would be to be more careful in the content and sales strategies to avoid a significant capital flight.

Therefore, businessmen bear in mind that, given the electoral season in Mexico, the first half of the year, it tends to be much more expensive to advertise.

TV shopping
At last the moment of TV in the digital world has arrived, as we will begin to see that the user buys through television. Although, it is a moment that we have waited for, and the pandemic has accelerated it but we still could not speak of a radical change.

Instant messaging
Recently the changes in the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp giant have been an issue that brings to the table several other instant messaging providers, so we may see changes in this area.

Compr customizationto
Artificial intelligence and augmented reality will be even more precise in the habits and consumption of people to generate a much more personalized purchase process where the customer experience improves. In other words, the machines that carry out the analysis process will be able to make a comparison between previous and current situations to make the decision to send an advertisement at the most appropriate time.

Online knowledge
The consumption of online knowledge will triple, both the people who create free tutorial videos to the most recognized academies will be one of the industries with the highest economic growth.

Programming and digital marketing industry
This industry, although it is one that will have greater economic growth, will also be one of the most competitive not only nationally but also internationally, since the internet eliminates borders and more entrepreneurs will be willing to look for suppliers anywhere in the world. Therefore, more specialization will be needed in each of these areas.

Undoubtedly 2021 will be a year of great competition in any industry, a year of economic recession and where it may cost us a little more to reach our objectives but without a doubt, having a trend guide will let us know where to focus our efforts.