2021 resolutions are easier with Claro Shop

The long-awaited 2021 has arrived, a year in which we all hope that it will be better than the past, however, we are still in the middle of a situation that is in our hands to change and for that we present a series of resolutions that you can take out from your home without having to go out or expose yourself.

In order to carry out the new resolutions or those pending from last year, you must set clear, real and achievable objectives. It is essential to set goals that we can achieve, always prioritize what are the purposes that you can carry out taking into account the situation we are going through, check what you have within your reach or what you need so that you can achieve your goals.

As in any planning, it is important that you have a start date and a goal to achieve your purposes, that you do have to respect the time established so that you can achieve your goal and do not delay or desert completely.

It is proven that to lower the stress level and not be distracted from your new goals, you must manage your finances well, therefore, you must take into account that if you need to acquire something that is necessary to achieve your purposes, look for the best option and Claro Shop can be your ally to meet your goals.

The most common New Year’s resolutions are:

Lose weight Stop drinking or smoking Get up-to-date Consent more Create a new hobby Learn something new Improve my home

To make your plan easier this 2021, visit Claro Shop here you will find more than 500 thousand products and 10 thousand renowned brands such as Levi’s, Puma, Apple, Samsung, Nike, Under Armor, Huawei, Lenovo and many more that will help you create the best version of you for this year that is just beginning

Here we share these products that will drive you to meet your goals this year if your purpose is to have a greater organization.

1. The buildable closet is a useful accessory that you cannot miss in your bedroom to organize your clothes, shoes and items.

Courtesy of Claro Shop

2. Simplify your life with Google Home, the personal assistant that will perform the tasks you ask for just by starting your request with the famous “Ok Google”.

Courtesy of Claro Shop

3. If you promised to keep your closet in order throughout the year, you have to know the shirt organizer, with which you will not fight, because it is a practical and modern organizer that will allow you to store several clothes in the same space.

Courtesy of Claro Shop

4. Keep your closet and bedroom well organized with this incredible buildable shoe rack with an ecological cover suitable for putting your heels, tennis shoes, boots etc.

Courtesy of Claro Shop

5. Many people will continue to work from home, so if you are one of them, this Kalis Walnut desk made of wood is the best option for your home office!

Courtesy of Claro Shop

The main ingredient in the kitchen is functionality, which is why for many families it is important to have adequate storage spaces for each of their needs. And it is that order and cleanliness is of the utmost importance. For this we recommend

6. The kitchen organizer shelf is ideal for storing frequently used items such as cutlery, spices and other ingredients. The best thing is that it does not take up much space because it is placed on the wall.

Courtesy of Claro Shop

7. This utensil organizer is perfect not only for efficiently organizing your utensils and spices, but it also adds a unique style to your kitchen.

Courtesy of Claro Shop

8. Organize your fruits and vegetables like a professional inside your refrigerator and save space with these practical organizers

Courtesy of Claro Shop

9. This set of 16 spice racks is an elegant and practical kitchen tool that you cannot miss. Our spice rack with rotatable bases puts the right spice at your fingertips

Courtesy of Claro Shop

10. Do not accommodate your pans and lids in the free spaces of your kitchen, better use this practical organizer that will help you to preserve them properly and improve the appearance of order.

Courtesy of Claro Shop

These and many other products are those that Claro Shop has and that you can pay with the method that suits your needs, take advantage of up to 12 MSI with participating credit cards, up to 36 months charged to Telmex receipt, payments in Oxxo, 7Eleven, You can use the Sears and Sanborns departmental card, or by bank transfer and payment with AMEX; The best thing is that you have free shipping from $ 499 MXN. For more information visit the aforementioned site and consult all the forms of payment and promotions.

Although many people continue to work from home or go out as necessary, you can carry out your purchases by downloading the official Claro Shop app, available for iOS and Android, where, among other things, you can check your Telmex credit, make your purchases safely, monitor the status of your order and rate the products you have already purchased.

If on your list of purposes is to start a business and diversify your income, take advantage of this opportunity, in Claro Shop you can sell to millions of potential customers by creating your own store within Claro Shop with special shipping rates, free publications and fullfilment , storage system for your products in warehouses and express delivery. You can also publish your products in SEARS

This 2021 has to be better than last year and that depends on you, so carry out your resolutions and rely on Claro Shop to carry them out.