2021 Honda CR-V Abandons UK Petrol Engines

The Honda CR-V 2021 starts its sales this December in the main markets of Europe. The SUV of the Japanese brand experiences improvements in the range, very discreet but very important. The most interesting novelty is that it will only be offered with the hybrid version in the United Kingdom, also opening the door to other European countries.

Since this December, the Honda CR-V 2021 It will begin to reach dealers in the main markets in Europe where the Japanese model is sold. Recently, the Japanese firm has announced the change of commercial name of the hybrid variant, abandoning the more conventional “Hybrid” for “e: HEV».

An emblem that debuted on the new generation Honda Jazz, so the only change to the Japanese SUV for next year is the ‘e: HEV’ rear badge and blue reflections in the brand logos, reinforcing the more efficient character of the model. As for the equipment, they offer a new alloy wheels with 18 inches diameter.

2021 Honda Civic e: HEV Features Blue Highlighted Emblems

Honda will also not offer important new features inside the CR-V Hybrid, beyond a new surface of inductive load in the lower part of the center console, an element inherited from the North American model presented a year ago. The Japanese firm points out that dynamic behavior has improved with a review of suspension components, in addition to recalibrating electric power steering for parking maneuvers.

However, the newest thing about the 2021 range is that the brand has decided to abandon gasoline in the UK. The options of this fuel, until now available with front-wheel drive with 173 hp and with all-wheel drive and 193 hp will disappear from this market, so that in this market only the sustainable mobility version of the CR-V e: HEV of 184 CV.

The truth is that it is a risky decision, but it opens the door for other markets to follow the same strategic line and for it to spread throughout Europe, which would not be a very big surprise. The Japanese brand is immersed in an ambitious electrification plan for the entire range and the extension of hybrid and electric cars until 2025.

The Honda CR-V e: HEV improves the interior decoration with some chrome