2021 Gold Cup: David Faitelson is humiliated by Mr. Chip for malicious comment on networks

David Faitelson, journalist and presenter of the ESPN network, was again involved in the controversy after his partner Alexis Martín Tamayo, better known for Mr. Chip, came out in defense of the Gold Cup and the Concacaf, before the harsh criticism of the communicator against the tournament and the area where the Mexican National Team competes.

Faitelson, assured that the Gold Cup is a tournament that is useless, that at the football level does not contribute anything to football and that it only serves for the directors of Mexican Soccer, to benefit from the money they could get in the tournament in around the matches of the Mexican National Team commanded by Gerardo Martino.

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Given this, Mr. Chip replied that the journalist usually has a ‘sick mania’ for criticizing everything that surrounds the Concacaf soccer region where Mexico competes to obtain its pass to the World Cups and especially the Cup I pray that it is a few days away from starting.

“The Gold Cup is what it is: a useless event, without a football level and with the only capacity to serve the commercial-television interests of Mexican football …”, said Faiteslon.

“David, you have an unhealthy tendency for practically everything that surrounds soccer in your region to look like shit to you. Maybe you chose your profession poorly, which would be a real shame because you have a privileged job that deserves a little more enthusiasm from you. ”He replied. MR.Chip.

“Dear Mr. Chip: The” sick tendency “you refer to may be a consequence of the fear of becoming a” cheerleader “++ which you know very well ++. And that, by the way, I thought it did not exist in Spain, but that, as I see it, I was wrong … “, answered Faitelson.

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“On the other hand, if I chose my profession wrong, it is not your problem. You keep offering us your very remarkable statistics and data. And when you want journalism classes, you have my phone number. ”

Faced with these exchanges, network users mounted an intense debate analyzing who was right and surprisingly there were many who, contrary to what could be expected, defended Faitelson.

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