in the free video game that challenges you to survive the 2020 pandemic

2020 has been a dire year in many ways, but it has also offered us some moments of solidarity and camaraderie. A year filled with the pandemic that now has its own video game: And it’s free. A game focused on survive the different events of 2020From the Australian fires to confinement. offers a tour in the form of platforms in which we will have to survive the main events of 2020: the Australian fires, the covid-19, the stock market crash, the quarantine, the rise of TikTok, the elections of USA among others.

Play for free

It is a free game that can be completed without leaving the browser and without downloading anything, just below these lines. A simple but nice platform in design that ise controlled with the classic WSAD and the space key.

The game also offers a tour of other 2020 events away from the pandemic: 5G, the BLM protests or TikTok also have their prominence in

A tour that represents the most important events of 2020, and that can undoubtedly be the basis of a 2021 that in just two weeks has already left us images such as the assault on the capitol or the huge third wave of Covid that many countries are suffering. .

2021, how sure will be characterized by the departure of Trump from the White House, the vaccine against Covid-19 and who knows if for group immunity. At the moment 2021 is being a somewhat complicated year in just the month of January, with historical events that will mark a before and after, just as it has happened with 2020. is totally free, although its creators accept donations and you can play directly in this article through its website.

According to its creator, also works through mobile browsers, so you should have problems testing it on your mobile, although its compatibility varies from one operating system to another, so you will have to check if it works on your smartphone or tablet.

Definitely a 2020 in a nutshell classic, as pop culture says.

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