2020 was Apple’s “best year for innovation ever”

During the past 2020, Manzana benefited like never before. Those from Cupertino broke at least 7 records with the sale of their devices. While the needs forced by the COVID-19 pandemic drove demand, Apple also had to overcome problems to meet the commitments. From the long adventure, Tim cook it remains with that 2020 has been “the best year in terms of innovation in Apple’s history”.

Tim Cook in an interviewTim Cook during an interview with Beijin University student He Shijie

In an interview with He Shijie, a senior at Beijing Post and Telecommunications University, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook offered statements regarding Apple’s 2020 launches, to bring the iPhone 12 line to market to the new iPads, the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE and, of course, the new Apple Silicon Macs

Tim Cook talks about Apple innovations

Shijie interviewed Cook about the stress and process Apple goes through to launch new products each year. The CEO responded that it is made possible by bringing people with diverse abilities, backgrounds, and passions together, enabling them to do the best job of their lives, and that “One plus one has always been more than two at Apple.”

«What we do is have a culture of creativity and a culture of collaboration… You bring people together who have different abilities, who see the world differently, maybe they are from different places, have different backgrounds… But you put them all together in common purpose, designing an incredible product, and it’s amazing what can come of it. «

About the new line of ‌iPhone 12‌Cook says Apple is having “an incredible time with him,” reiterating comments he made on the company’s last earnings call. Regarding the new Mac ‌Apple Silicon‌, Cook called the performance of the M1 chip “amazing.”

At the interview, Cook also touched on the importance of the Chinese market for Apple. In the fourth quarter of 2020, ‌iPhone 12‌ sales in the country reached 18 million units, and ‌Tim Cook‌ called the response “phenomenal” early last month.

Shijie, who lives in China, asked Cook if There are functions which are based on feedback from China customers. Cook named a few, including iOS 13’s dark mode, QR readers, dedicated keyboards, and 5G.

In addition to all the products that we already know, a few days ago Tim Cook also surprised with his statements about the development of a product that could “far exceed the iPhone”. So if it is a record in innovation, 2020 could have been just the beginning of a new era for those of the bitten apple.