Entertainment continues to search for new ways to get to our screens, with everything and a pandemic situation. Taking this into account, it is not surprising that it has been announced that the 2020 Emmy Awards ceremony will be virtual.

The news was made public by means of a letter (via Variety) in which the producers, and the host Jimmy Kimmel, inform the nominees (which you can check here) about the conditions under which the celebration of this year:

“As you may have already guessed, we are not going to ask you to come to the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles on September 20. Anyway, this year will still be the biggest night in the TV industry… but we will come to you! ”

Later it is mentioned that, making use of the great advances in technology, The technical team will work hard to assure all the guests that they will be part of a special evening.. To achieve this, the best cameras and the best lighting will be implemented so that the stars dazzle as they always do. It will be interesting to see how these measures are implemented remotely. What is certain is that there will be a lot of fun.

Something that is also stated in the letter is the fact that this edition will be warm and very human. Proof of this is that, as a consequence of the confinement, the guests will not be limited to share the ceremony with a certain number of guests, but all the loved ones you meet at that time will be part of the excitement of the statuette delivery.

It is important to mention that the logistics team of the event is still contemplating which will be the best way to broadcast the show: it will have to be decided which elements will be live and which will be prerecorded, as well as whether the winners will be He will announce his victory in advance.

With this, the Emmys 2020 become one of the first awards ceremonies to be made virtually, unlike the Oscars, who toured until April and who will be face-to-face.

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