2020 continues to surprise, Bad Bunny lost against J Balvin in Latin Grammys

2020 continues to surprise, Bad Bunny lost against J Balvin in Latin Grammys (INSTAGRAM)

2020 continues to surprise, Bad Bunny lost against J Balvin in Latin Grammys | INSTAGRAM

All internet users fans of one of the greatest exponents of the urban genre, Bad Bunny, believed that this past Thursday, he would be the one who would be awarded several prizes, specifically that of “Best Urban Music Album”, but this was not So.

It turns out that the Colombian artist José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, better known as J Balvin, won the award for best urban music album for his album “Colores” in this latest installment of the Latin Grammy 2020, snatching the award from Bad Bunny who, in recent years has established himself as one of the most popular musicians in Latin America.

Which is why social media users were quick to react with memes, humor, sarcasm and even outrage at the decision of the “National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences”, who are in charge of carrying out the entire selection process until deciding which artist will be the winner.

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Upon receiving the aforementioned award, J Balvin issued an emotional message to all those who were in the process of making the album: “Well, really, this first goes to Colombia and, obviously, San Andrés. A providence to all the countries that are suffering from the hurricane. Really good vibes and lots of hope. And I want to thank Sky for being my right hand on this album “Colores”. And I think what this world needs is colors right now. Thanks to all my colleagues, congratulations, I love you very much ”.

And it is that, there were 13 considerations of the Colombian, each one of them was the opportunity to be awarded with some statuette, so yes, J Balvin was the most nominated artist in this delivery of the Latin Grammy awards, in fact, this number of nominations earned him Guinness Record recognition for the most Latin Grammy nominations in a single year.

For his part, and not really being that far behind, in second place, with 8 nominations, was won by the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny, who all believed that he would be the highest award-winning exponent of the night, however, he was ousted by the Colombian, but this It was not a problem for him because, he knows that both interpreters worked very hard to get to where they are, and the musical content of both is worthy of awards.

It is worth mentioning that, in the aforementioned category for “Best Urban Music Album” the following musical works competed: “Colores” by J. Balvin, “Emmanuel” by Anuel AA, “YHLQMDLG” by Bad Bunny, “Oasis” by J Balvin and Bad Bunny, “FERXXO (VOL. 1: MOR)” by Field, “Nibiru” by Ozuna, “1 Of” by Sech and “Easy Money Baby” by Myke Towers.

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As you can see, even Bad Bunny’s collaboration with J Balvin was nominated, so they had a double chance of winning.

As if that were not enough, before the fact, there were users in the networks who decided to give their opinion, writing brief analyzes about what happened, such as one in particular who shared his aesthetic analysis on the albums in question, issuing one of the few judgments to favor of the Colombian’s album: “’YHLQMDLG’ is a more complete album, no one doubts that … but Benito can release 40 albums like that one if he feels like it. What differentiates them is the concept, I repeat it … There is no other album like “Colores”, there is none and nobody can deny that ”.

The Latin Grammy Awards are the recognitions granted by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the scheme is derived from the Grammy Awards that rewards music made in the Anglo-Saxon context, likewise, the first edition of this prestigious The appeal was carried out in 2000 and for a song to be able to compete for any of the awards it must be recorded in Spanish or Portuguese.

The awards are given from four main categories and another 49 distributed among various musical genres. The top categories are Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. The genres in which the rest of the categories are distributed are Pop, Urban, Alternative, Tropical, Singer-songwriter, Mexican, Instrumental, Traditional, Jazz, Christian, Children’s, Classical, Arrangements, Packaging, Production and Video.