2008, the metamorphosis of Spain at the hands of Aragonés

06/07/2021 at 9:24 PM CEST

Alex carazo

For many years the Spanish team sought to build an identity, a philosophy, a style of play, without success. Generation after generation, coach after coach, La Roja wandered through the final stages of tournaments not knowing very well what to play and accumulating failures. But everything changed since the arrival of Luis Aragones, although the successes were slow to become visible.

The globetrotter of the Spanish football benches opted for an idea and was with it until his last day as a coach. Despite the early elimination in the 2006 World Cup, and the problems in the beginning of the qualification for the Eurocopa 2008, Aragonés firmly believed in giving the reins of the Red to the center of the field formed by players like Xavi, Iniesta, Silva Y Cesc, shielded by Senna. Above, town Y towers they put the goal and the electricity. Boxes it was already ‘Holy’, and Bouquets Y Puyol they led the defense.

Spain’s group stage was impeccable and advanced to the playoffs with full victories against Russia, Sweden and the current champion, Greece, who became the worst title defender of all editions. In the quarterfinals I expected Italy, winner of the last World Cup, and there the Red managed to break a barrier that for many years seemed insurmountable.

After a memorable match, in terms of the chances and the appearance of both teams beyond the game they played, the move to the semifinals had to be decided from the beginning. penalty spot. That fatal point that eliminated Spain in the 1996 Eurocup against England in the quarterfinals, in the same round that they were out of in the 2002 World Cup, or from where Raul sent the chances of the National Team to the clouds in Euro 2000 when he missed his penalty against France.

But something had changed in the Spanish team, and they were willing to show it. Boxes appeared to deflect pitches from From Rossi Y Say natale, Y Fabregas he sent the decisive penalty to the back of the net that put Spain in the semifinals. There they met again with Russia and an unforgettable recital in the second half was transformed into three goals that led to the final.

Germany I was waiting in the Ernst Happel. And so the whole game was spent, waiting for Spain to lose the ball. The Teutons were unable throughout the meeting to counter Spanish rule. In minute 33 came the endless race to the space of towers, after the pass of Xavi, to gain the position a Lahm and chop it on the exit of Lehmann to give the second Eurocup to the Selection.

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