The Montse & Joe driver maintains what has been said, that Veronica went to the hospital after the blows that her son, Cristian Castro, gave her

Some days ago, Yolanda Andrade again made statements related to Veronica Castro, with whom since last year you have seen wrapped in dimes and diretes, after revealing that she was the woman with which, symbolically, Had married in Europe, this time, when to reveal than Cristian Castro had beaten her in such a way that had to go to hospital with serious injuries neck, spine and hip.

« I didn’t say it first, that came from the statement that his ex-wife, Valeria Liberman, gave in court, when she divorced him … I don’t remember what year, but I do remember that she said it, » Yolanda said in an interview for a magazine with national circulation.

« Look, in my town they say that ‘whoever hits his mother’s hand dries up’ ‘, and I reiterate to you, the reason why I clarified that Cristian had beaten his mother, is because they said he found out about our relationship, but that is not true, and less is justification, « said the driver of Montse & Joe.

About what Andrade said, Cristian spoke a few days ago, assuring that whoever was supposedly his mother’s sentimental partner, lied and only wanted to talk about them because he was a person without talent, who needed to do it to stand out. In this regard, the also actress, challenged the singer, to sue her if what had happened was not true.

« If I’m telling a lie or I’m raising a false one, Cristian demands me, and we go to the hospital, we go to the doctor and I will check it for him. I find it very cowardly that he said it was not true and that I want to become famous, net? … It is not a matter of trajectories, awards or trophies; It is cowardice, but what do you expect from a person who hit his mother … He should take advantage of this moment and say: ‘Yes, I fucked her $% and I hit her, but it was wrong and I publicly apologize to my mom’, so until It would heal the pain that it caused Vero, because she suffered a lot and had a very bad time, but Cristian is afraid and is a coward ”.

Finally, whoever starred with the same Cristian in the soap opera The Secret Intentions, in 1992, sent a message that he hopes will reach the ears of the first actress: “I wish Vero would tell the truth, because that would help a lot of the women violated by their children, it is not the only one and we women must unite and protect ourselves. As a woman, this is a good time for her to take advantage and say: « This is wrong and we should not accept it, » and for Cristian to say: « I must respect my mother. » People deserve the truth and believe me, they would understand it; They would say: ‘Poor woman, how strong what has happened,’ ”he said.