20 years in prison for janitor in Florida who recorded students with hidden camera in school locker room

Students enter a changing room of a school in San Sebastian, Spain.

Photo: ANDER GILLENEA / AFP / Getty Images

A janitor at a high school in Clay County, Florida, will spend 20 years in federal prison after admitting he videotaped students in the locker room at the college with a hidden camera.

Jason Brian Goff, also a former guardian at Clay High School in Green Cove Springs, pleaded guilty in September 2019 after two 14-year-old students found a cell phone taped to the inside wall of a gym locker with the camera lens pointed out of a precast hole, the Florida Middle District Attorney’s Office said Monday.

Goff, 45, who pleaded guilty to attempting to produce child pornography, must also register as a sex offender and serve a 10-year period of supervised surveillance. The man has been in prison since his arrest in 2019.

A 30-minute video taken from Goff’s cell phone captured several students changing clothes.

The convict admitted to the authorities that he tried to film the girls in the “locker room” on at least three occasions from different angles.

The authorities’ investigation also led to the discovery of content of sexual abuse of minors, some infants, on other electronic equipment of the man.