Fernando Santana, widower of Hiromi, shared an unpublished image accompanied by the baby they both had and who died

Fernando Santana, widower of the former member of La Academia, Hiromi, shared an emotional moment in which he held in his arms the deceased Juliet.

The newborn and Hiromi lost their lives in September 2017, after suffering complications during delivery.

It was through her Instagram account that Santana published the father and daughter moment that she had with Julieta before she lost her life along with her mother.

« She is my beautiful Juliet, I held her in my arms and she was so fragile, so small and so beautiful, » begins the text of the widower of Hiromi.

« I always waited to carry a baby, I had never wanted to do it, the youngest I had carried was over 5 months old and this because I was afraid something would happen to him.

« I said that I would only do it with my children and that was the case, it was the first baby I carried as a newborn, » wrote Fernando Santana.

It should be noted that since the death of Hiromi, a victim of several cardiac arrests during childbirth, Santana has shared several images of the singer, mainly from days before giving birth.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas