20 Where are the 52 outbreaks of covid-19 in Montevideo?

Of the 1,668 active cases of covid-19, 79% are in Montevideo and Canelones and only in the capital there are 52 outbreaks « perfectly delimited », said the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas this Friday at a press conference.

If the number of cases is grouped by departments, there are five that account for 90% of the country’s total: Montevideo with 63%, Canelones with 16%, while Rocha, Rivera and Soriano have 11% of the total.

Salinas said the positivity of the tests has increased. « If you take the last seven days, we are 4.28 positive on tests performed, 195 new cases per day on average, » he explained. Meanwhile, if the last 14 days are analyzed, 151 new cases are detected.

As for the 52 outbreaks in Montevideo, ten are in schools, nine in sports clubs, four in gastronomic places and three in residential areas, in addition to « numerous intra-family cases, » said the minister. Meanwhile, there are another 18 educational centers in Montevideo with isolated cases reported, which do not constitute outbreaks.

The decision announced by President Luis Lacalle Pou on Tuesday to suspend all sports activities in closed spaces for 18 days caused surprise among the owners of the gyms and clubs since the protocol that is applied in the premises was approved by the government and, Through a letter addressed to the president, they demanded that « scientific data show important foci in sports centers » be presented.

This Friday, the minister replied: « I have data of positive cases in gyms, if you want I can tell what they are, but it does not seem the most appropriate, » he said.

For his part, the general director of Health, Miguel Asqueta, also referred to this situation. «Many activities, the vast majority can be protocolized, but others cannot. We do not write the protocols, the corresponding sector sends us the project, our technicians review them, we consult with the GACH and then the verdict is issued, « he explained.

He added that « a very important sector of activities » comply with the protocols, although he questioned. « Does anyone have to explain to Uruguay that the protocols in sports were not well followed? »

On the other hand, Salinas referred to the health situation of Rocha, the first department to enter the orange zone according to the P7 index prepared by the Harvard Institute, with 11 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. « They are concentrated in Chuy, except for three cases the rest are on the border. » This Thursday there were 54 new cases. Rivera also entered the orange zone this week.

Montevideo was until this Thursday in the yellow zone, with 9.09 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Behavior change and complaints

Minister Salinas referred to the « behavior change » that the population is expected to adopt, especially in the face of next summer with the recommendations made by the GACH to avoid contagion. “We are asking people to change from one day to the next. Is not easy. Faced with the increase in cases, it is « I have to take care of myself more », the more the risk increases, the more personal protection measures increase « .

The MSP is working on the creation of a web platform to access a form through which cases of non-compliance can be reported. Asqueta stated that « it is natural » that it is the same population that denounces the breach of health regulations.

“Citizens are asking to have a place where they can tell us that a person who came to the city or who lives in the building is not performing the mandatory quarantine. It is a basic public health measure, « he said.