At the discretion of Dr. Carlos Morínigo, renowned INERAM pulmonologist, a vaccine against COVID-19 that has not passed all the study phases, such as the one being developed by Russia, cannot be brought into the country.

The former Minister of Health and coordinator of Isolation of INERAM told the GEN channel that from the field in which they are always based on the main premise of « evidence-based medicine », which they must respect despite everything.

This is how he referred to the case of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Russia, which is currently in a fairly advanced phase of experimentation and analysis of its functionality.

« Studies have shown encouraging results, but the corresponding phases must be completed to say that it is a vaccine that will work, » said the doctor, realizing that the development process is still continuing.

On this point, Morínigo stated that within this stage it must be certified what is the number of doses that will be needed to counteract SARS-CoV-2, how long the immunity of the vaccine lasts, among other issues.

« What happens if we receive the vaccine in a study phase, collateral effects can develop and we will not know how to deal with that, » he mentioned.

The National Health Surveillance Directorate (DINAVISA) is the body in charge of making the technical analysis in the event that the vaccine reaches our country. In this instance it will be seen if the study phases are concluded and, if applicable, it could be approved. In the event that a pharmaceutical entrepreneur wants to bring it in a particular way, said vaccine must be validated and certified by a high-quality regional laboratory, he said.

« I would not like to become guinea pigs in a phase in which we lack that data, » Morínigo said.