The head of the Congress of the Republic, Manuel Merino de Lama, agreed to have communicated with Admiral AP Fernando Cerdan hours before the presidential vacancy motion against Martín Vizcarra is presented.

He maintained that he sought to contact the naval chief to « give peace of mind » to the Armed Forces in the face of the national crisis after the broadcast of the audios involving the head of state. He reiterated that he only assured him that Parliament would act in accordance with the Magna Carta.

« Naturally there was a crisis, in the face of that crisis, in order to give peace of mind to the Armed Forces and for a particular topic of conversation, it was told that Congress in a responsible manner would act in strict respect of the Constitution, » he declared. to the press.

The congressman of Popular Action confirmed that the questioned communication was given in the afternoon, before the different benches will present the motion for presidential vacancy at the party table, that is, before the parliamentary process against the head of state begins.

“The conversation held with Admiral Cerdán was strictly to tell him that in the face of the crisis that was unfolding in Parliament, Congress was going to act strictly within the framework of the Political Constitution. There has been no more addition than what I just mentioned, ”he said.

However, he emphasized in denying having referred to any presidential vacancy process against Vizcarra Cornejo, because the actions of that request had not yet been initiated.

« The call held with Mr. Cerdán was in the afternoon when there was still no decision, I cannot be talking about vacancy issues when there was not even a motion presented yet, » he said.

On the other hand, Manuel Merino accused Prime Minister Walter Martos of having « distorted » the conversation he had with Admiral AP.

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