Orange Cassidy has become one of AEW’s biggest stars. Lately, he’s even been involved in a memorable rivalry with “Le Champion” Chris Jericho.

The two main events took place on night 2 of the Fyter Fest and in last week’s episode Cassidy poured orange juice on her rival from above.

Tony Khan was recently interviewed by ESPN and noted that he originally had no big plans for Cassidy when he first hired him for the event. Double or Nothing from last year. Cassidy was in the Casino Battle Royal than 21 people in the Double or Nothing event of 2019.

“He clearly had a following, but he wasn’t someone, when we started, that I was particularly aware of or had big plans for,” Khan told ESPN. “I spent a lot of time with Orange Cassidy and got to know him much better, and I also talked to him about ideas, and that opened a lot of doors for both of us.”

Tony Khan went on to say that he was amazed at the amount of thought the artist really puts into his unique character.

“I had no idea what an intelligent person Orange Cassidy is, and he is very, very intelligent. And really, I had no idea how well thought this was. ”

Khan also noted that he feels Cassidy has been a true team player at AEW.

“He has multiple talents, he is a team player, he has tried to make other people look their best, and the most important thing, above all, is that his work is phenomenal.” He is a great fighter ».

Khan (and many, many other wrestling fans) dressed up as Orange Cassidy for Halloween last year.