Lucero and Alejandro Fernández released the film ‘Zapata, the hero’s dream’ in 2004

Lucero recalled a story that she has rarely told, according to her own admission, in which she suffered an accident during the filming of the film. ‘Zapata, the hero’s dream’, along with his friend Alejandro Fernández.

The singer reported that in 2004, during the film production of Alfonso Arau, she collapsed during a scene in which she was pushed by ‘The foal’ against a mirror.

“We had a romantic scene mounted in a bedroom and Alejandro had to push me into the big mirror behind me and it had to break. But when we started filming it didn’t break as it was very big. It was decided that the special effects person would hit the mirror from behind with a hammer at the height of my head so that it would fragment and it turns out that when that happened, Alejandro pushes me as we had rehearsed it, and the production person hits the mirror by behind and the hammer knocked me down! ”, said Lucerito on his YouTube channel.

The wound that Lucero received was significant, said the also actress, but she was saved from receiving stitches because they applied surgical glue to stop the bleeding.

« It did not go well at all, I did get off the hook, Alejandro (Fernández) was very scared and asked me if I was fine, and they were all very worried. Then, at the time I took my head, suffering the pain … it begins to drain blood on my forehead; I kept a little to the front so that my clothes didn’t get stained, but I did get scared and it hurt a lot, the truth did hurt me a lot (…) it was horrible, it was horrible ”, he recalled.

Lucerito he said that Alfonso Arau He offered « hundreds of apologies » for the accident and that the production sent him a huge bouquet of flowers asking for forgiveness. Of course, after the scare, everything became a fun anecdote that she and her colleagues joked with during the rest of the filming.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas