In order to improve the quality of life of 4,000 inhabitants of the Simbal district in Trujillo, the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes (ARCC) has transferred to date S / 21.2 million for the execution of eight works.

During the act of starting up the rehabilitation of the Alfalfares intake, located in the town of Cajamarca, the deputy director of the ARCC in La Libertad, Javier Bustamante Vaca, reported that S / 2 325 217 has been allocated, for the establishment of an irrigation system that includes: a catchment, a 36-meter fixed bar, a 3.75-meter mobile bar, a sand trap, 150-meter channeling, rock dikes with a nail, a conduction channel, among other details.

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In the district, the reconstruction of 14 kilometers of the By road linking Collambay, √Ďari, and Simbal, valued at S / 7 852 370. This work will improve the base with affirmed and includes the construction of 35 culverts, type I triangular section gutters in non-urban areas and for type II urban areas, 26 squares, 12 speed bumps, signage, among other features.

Likewise, the reconstruction of educational institution No. 80632 was restarted. Cesar A. Vallejo Mendoza, in the populated center Collambay, with an investment of S / 2 276 716.

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