Guillermo Duarte Cacavelo, lawyer for the former Minister of Agriculture, Rodolfo Friedmann, defended his client before the members of the Congressional Committee on Constitutional Affairs, which had to issue an opinion (recommendation) for the plenary session to study the loss tomorrow in extraordinary session investiture of the legislator.

Regarding the Essa checks with which particular issues were paid, Cacavelos argued that Alexander Torales was the one who committed punishable acts in the Essa administration for covering personal accounts, acquisitions and private services.

« He had to return the money and that explains why checks from Essa SA went to buy goods and services that today are owned by the senator, because Torales owes private debts to him and used the company money to cancel debts with him » , he claimed.

Regarding the irregularities detected by the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, regarding the school lunch, the purchase of fuel and several others described in the accusatory libel, he clarified that everything arises from a preliminary report sent to the Public Ministry by Friedmann’s “political adversaries”.

He argued that these data were in fact intended for the Government to give the possibility of discharge and justify or not the inconsistencies, but that some politicians went ahead and filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office that finally did not impute for breach of trust by not detecting property damage.

« We are waiting to be able to justify all this within the framework of the lawlessness, the accusation does not cause injury, » said Cacavelo.

Regarding the misuse of influence, the lawyer stated that there is no description of any conduct whatsoever of how, when and where Friedmann used his influence and that the tenders awarded to the firm Essa are simply described, but that no calls are detailed, no management made by Friedmann and no link between the awards and the legislator.

Senator Lilian Samaniego motioned that the Commission not issue any opinion and allow the plenary session to be the one to rule tomorrow in favor or against the loss of investiture. His proposal was successful and so will proceed in the extra session on Thursday.

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