Miguel Martínez -d- is the head of the Government Center. (Free Press Photo: Hemeroteca PL)

The Primero Guatemala association filed an unconstitutionality action on September 16 against the Government Center, in charge of Miguel Martinez, in order for it to be closed.

The action brought before the Constitutional Court (CC) maintains that the agreement 31-2020 that gives life to that executive commission duplicates functions of ministries and secretariats of the Executive, there is no clarity about its rendering of accounts before the Comptroller’s Office and limits functions of the Vice Presidency of the Republic, the association said in a statement.

Alejandra Noriega, lawyer for Primero Guatemala and interposer of the legal action, explained that the attributions of the Government Center on coordinating, advising, harmonizing and managing policies, projects and other responsibilities of the Executive were previously defined in the Law of the Executive Organism for entities such as the Secretariats of Executive Coordination (SCEP), Planning (Segeplán), the Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Finance, among others.

He pointed out that there is no clarity on the execution of funds and based on what has been executed so that they can be audited.

The unconstitutionality action is of a general nature. Noriega said that it is expected that the CC can dictate a provisional suspension of the agreement 31-2020 and therefore of the actions of the Center of Government, could schedule a public hearing to hear the parties, which would include that commission, the interposers and the Public Ministry (MP) and finally issue a final resolution.

Comparative table of Primero Guatemala on the Center of Government and possible duplication of functions: