In addition to Aislinn and Mauricio Ochmann, another relationship was broken as a result of the Derbez trip to Morocco

In accordance with Alessandra Rosaldo, The relationship of Aislin Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann she was not the only one to be harmed during the family’s trip to Morocco.

According to Eugenio Derbez’s wife, it was that of José Eduardo Derbez and Bárbara Escalante the relationship that did not survive the trip.

According to José Eduardo Derbez, his courtship with the young woman, whom he planned to ask for marriage, began to have problems just after his return from the trip, so they decided to end.

José Eduardo Derbez and Bárbara Escalante. Photo: Ricardo Cristino

Last September, the youngest Derbez released a statement through his social media accounts where he made it public that they were no longer a couple.

“I want to inform you that Bárbara Escalante and I have decided to end our relationship, but it does not mean that we do not continue to maintain a great friendship; because Bárbara, is a woman in all the extension of the word ”, began the text where no more details of the rupture were given.

After the text was published, José Eduardo Derbez made it clear that both he and Bárbara would not touch this subject with the dam, for which he thanked them for their respect and affection.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas