20 There are seven candidates for Morena’s candidacy in Nuevo León

Among seven applicants will be Morena’s candidate for governor in Nuevo León. This Friday, five men and two women registered to participate in the partisan poll that will define their standard bearer in next year’s election.

They are Escobedo’s licensed mayor, Clara Luz Flores Carrales, and the former PRIista, María Idalia Plata Rodríguez.

Similarly, Morena’s former candidate for mayor of Monterrey in 2015, Fernando Javier Ábrego Rodríguez; the construction businessman, Antonio Mario Fernández Quiroga; the lawyer and former PRI member, Rafael Zarazúa Olvera; the activist Norberto Jesús de la Rosa Buenrostro; and the former candidate for local deputy for the Green Party, Jesús Ángel Cortez Valdez.

Regarding the protests of a small group of alleged militants outside the headquarters of Brunette Against the aspiration of the licensed mayor of Escobedo, the party’s national president, Mario Delgado, defended the candidacy of Flores, as well as the first day of registration of contenders.

« It was a day that passed in calm, there were moments of celebration, of joy, some protests that could not be missed but this is our party, it is a live moment, open to militants and supporters, » he emphasized.