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Responsibility of the Dgcim and the Sebin

The Dgcim and the Sebin perpetrated the majority of the acts of sexual violence documented by the Mission, 24 and 10 incidents, respectively. The attacks were committed against citizens linked to the military dissidence or political opposition.

“Officials used sexual violence as a means of torture to obtain confessions or information from the victims, inflicting both physical pain and humiliation and psychological anguish. These events generally took place in the detention centers of the intelligence services, in particular the Dgcim de Boleíta, the Sebin of El Helicoide and the Sebin of Plaza Venezuela (La tumba), under the control of higher ranking officials. The Dgcim also perpetrated some of the documented acts in clandestine houses, called safe houses, ”the report highlighted.

The Mission indicated that it received reliable information from a detained man who was raped in the Boleíta Dgcim.

“Commanders, including high-level authorities within Sebin and Dgcim, were fully aware of this pattern of crimes, which often occurred in the very buildings where they worked. The Mission has registered the names of more than 45 Sebin and Dgcim officials directly responsible that must be investigated and prosecuted, ”said Francisco Cox, a member of the Mission.

Other recorded acts of sexual violence link GNB and PNB officials during anti-government protests.

“These incidents include the rape of at least two male protesters and sexual assaults against several female protesters. In addition, GNB and PNB officials threatened to rape detained men and women, including people from the LGBTI population.. For example, a witness arrested in 2014 told the Mission that GNB officials held a transgender protester with the male protesters, and threatened to rape her when she went to the bathroom, ”the document said.