Omar García Harfuch, Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, was intercepted by an armed command in the Lomas de Chapultepec

This Friday morning, Omar García Harfuch, son of the first actress Maria Sorté and who is in charge of CDMX Secretary for Citizen Security, suffered a attempt in the streets of the neighborhood Lomas de Chapultepec, Mayor Miguel Hidalgo, by an armed command that was waiting for him at the corner of Av. Paseo de la Reforma and Prado Norte.

García Harfuch, also the son of the Mexican politician Javier García Paniagua, was driving in his truck to the daily morning meeting with the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum when, on his usual way, a group of men with high caliber weapons opened fire against him and his security team.

According to reports from the authorities and from Sheinbaum herself, the secretary received three bullet impacts and splinter injuries, but he was transferred to a hospital and is out of danger, however in the attack it is known that two of his escorts, as well as a woman who was driving in his car at that unfortunate moment, They lost their lives.

Although last October, when he was appointed by the head of the capital’s government for said position, there was no knowledge of the relationship of Omar García Harfuch with the renowned film, theater and television actress, whose real name is María Harfuch, his biography revealed that information about his famous mother.

María Sorté was the partner of Javier Garcia Paniagua, candidate for the presidency of the Republic in 1981, from 1976 until his death, in 1998. From their relationship, their two children were born, Adrián, the eldest and Omar, who was said to be pregnant When he filmed with Mario Moreno, ‘Cantinflas’, the film El Barrendero, the last film made by ‘Mimo de México’.