The actress performed an unboxing session of gifts she has received for her baby, and showed the decoration of her room

A few days after Andre celebrate your first month of life, Sherlyn showed for the first time, details of the luxurious bedroom of the small, during a session in which he shared with his followers, through their Instagram stories, several of the presents that you have received for your baby and uncovered them in front of them.

Sherlyn unboxed and mentioned each of the people and stores that sent her the products that she showed. But definitely, something that excited her a lot was a rocking chair, which came directly from a furniture store in Guadalajara, Jalisco.


“We started with what has just arrived, which has me happy and excited. As you know, I am giving André exclusive breastfeeding and it is super important to have a rocking chair, so I did not find one that would make me one hundred percent happy … Check how precious the material is, it is beautiful, megacomfortable … It has to put your feet up, « he said while it showed the furniture in a gray tone, under which a blue and white cloud mat can be seen.

In the videos of the also singer, we could see that the furniture in André’s room is in white, such as the crib, a stool and the changing table. The room is painted in sky blue and has a huge mahogany wardrobe.


Sherlyn narrated in her stories what the sleep dynamic of her first-born son is like, who says, he sleeps almost all day and at night, he stays wide awake. « That’s how it works. When mom wants to do things, André is well asleep but at night, how are you, he has hours to go to party, « said the first-time joker.