Monday Night Messiah is very proud. Not just from his own work, or that of his co-workers in WWE, but from what’s happening across the industry.

From coast to coast and from sea to sea, I don’t know if there has ever been this incredible fight at any time. Without taking anything away from past generations, they inspired and paved the way, but we are very sure to keep up to date … and more.

It is a bold statement, but at least it is a statement. It’s funny that Seth is tweeting positive and inclusive remarks like a heel after having been given so much heat by the defensive and divisive when he was supposed to be the best face in WWE. But that’s another argument.

What do you think about the notion that we are in the Golden Age of professional wrestling?

There are plenty of great things to choose from each week, and they will be even more when companies and promotions that feel out of the pandemic return to the game.

But is it better than the era of the Monday Night War? Or the territory days?