Why do we celebrate the Cry of Dolores or Independence he September 15, yes actually Miguel Hidalgo did the call for the uprising at 5 a.m. on September 16, 1810?

History documents that the priest gentleman He called to mass, the people responded to the call and with the harangue of: “Mexicans, long live Mexico! Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe! Long live Fernando VII! and Death to bad government! ”; Hidalgo incited the people to rise against the Spaniards. This event is known as Grito de Dolores.

The first time the Cry of Independence was the September 16, 1812, that is to say, just two years after the revolt of Miguel Hidalgo began.

In the town of Huichapan – in the state that would later be called Hidalgo – Ignacio López Rayón he celebrated the date for the first time in an act that he recorded in his « Diary of military operations. » The text says:

« Day 16.- With a barrage of artillery and general round of shearing, the glorious memory of the cry of freedom given two years ago in the Congregation of Dolores by the illustrious heroes and gentlemen of the Hidalgo begins to solemnize at dawn of this day. and Allende … »

The following year, 1813, Jose maria morelos and pavon He included in point 23 of his famous document Sentimientos de la Nación, the request for the commemoration of September 16. The objective of this celebration is to preserve the memory of the day the libertarian movement began and the recognition of its initiators. The Day of the Cry of Independence.

The myth of Porfirio Díaz

There is a belief that the start of the celebration at 11 pm on the 15th was a decision of Porfirio Diaz, who would have moved the Grito to the night of the 15th to make it coincide with his birthday, during the festivities of the Centennial of Independence, in 1910. However, this story is false.

In fact, it is documented that since the 1840s, the civic festival began to be celebrated from the night of September 15 with a popular festival, a serenade, marching bands, fireworks and artillery salvoes.

For this reason, traditionally, the celebration of this national holiday begins on the night of September 15, when around 11 p.m. the President of the Republic gives the Cry of Independence from the National Palace and rings the bell of Dolores, the same one that rang during the harangue that priest Hidalgo gave … although the character who rang the bell of Dolores was not Hidalgo, but José Galván, the bell ringer of the parish and this happened, confirmed, at five in the morning of September 16, 1810.

The testimonies do coincide in that during the speech the priest Hidalgo pronounced « live » to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Catholic religion and King Fernando VII, as well as some « die » to the « bad government. »

However, these records record several versions so there is no official Cry.