Actress Salma Hayek surprised her followers by joining the challenge of transforming into a man with an application, and her followers bought it with Luis Miguel

The beloved actress Salma Hayek joined one of the trends in social networks that is in fashion: the Mexican used the FaceApp for become a man.

The result caused a sensation among her followers, who in addition to filling her with compliments and compliments, compared her result with the character of Luis Miguel, interpreted by Diego Boneta.

What do you think? Would he have been handsome if he had been a man? ”Asked Salma Hayek to her followers, however, before the comments, the actress did not respond to the comparisons.

But there were also those who compared Salma with her brother Sami Hayek, who is no stranger to ‘fame’ on social media, as the interior designer is married to the jewelry designer Daniela Villegas Since 10 years ago.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas