Rodrigo Guirao, an unknown face on Mexican television, now attracts attention as Héctor Ferrer, in the new version of the soap opera Rubí, But who is he? This is his first production on Televisa and he is already emerging as the new heartthrob in melodrama.

Although it is his debut in Mexico, in his native Argentina, he has an artistic career of 18 years. His first participation on the small screen was in Rebelde Way, an original story that would later be known in Mexico, due to the remake made on Televisa.

In 2006, Guirao participated in Des Desperate Housewives ’, an adaptation of the American series‘ Desperate Housewives ’, with the character of Juan, the gardener and lover of his patron saint Gabriel.

A year later, still in Argentina, he collaborated in the popular production ‘Ugly Duckling’, in which he played Nicolás, Antonela’s uncle and then made Violetta, famous series transmitted by Disney

On Telemundo he continued his career in the series ‘Señora Acero’, giving life to Mario Casas from 2015 to 2018, and then making his jump to Televisa.

Rodrigo, 40, before being an actor and model, worked as a waiter and an electrician. He is based in Buenos Aires, but he does not rule out moving to Mexico.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas