Roberto Gomez Fernandez, Chespirito’s son, announced his departure from Televisa after 39 years with the company. The producer of soap operas such as « Locura de Amor », « El Hotel de los Secretos » and « El Color de la Pasión » was the one who confirmed his departure with a statement on social networks.

« After a long and extraordinary history, as of today I stop being part of Televisa », published the creative. “It has been a very difficult decision because of everything it has represented in my life. I’ve worked at Televisa since I was 17, so tomorrow, after 39 years of work, it will be my first day that I don’t belong to this company. « 

This release comes weeks after all of Chespirito’s programming, particularly the iconic El Chavo series, went off the air.

« What is coming is uncertain but exciting, » he continued. “Today I take with me the great moments I have lived and the passionate journey that telling stories for the screen has been. 50 years ago I stepped onto the San Ángel forums for the first time without imagining what was to come for so long. So, in one way or another, there will always be a link with Televisa ”.