20 Review | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered and the return of the chases

A decade has passed since it was released for PlayStation 3, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and now The game from EA and Criterion Games is back with a remaster, which brings back all the speed and engaging gameplay that captivated in 2010.

Just like the original version, this new installment is set in the city of Seacrest where the drivers race through the city streets while the police try to stop them in cars of all kinds, this is how we are allowed to control from the street runners to the law enforcement officers, recreating chases at maximum speed in different scenarios and where the slightest mistake can mean a crushing defeat.

One of the elements that most attracts the attention of Need for Speed, and that makes it so massive, is that unlike other racing games, this one does not seek to be a simulator or to be as close to reality as possible.e, here what matters is speed and attractive controls where even the most novice can compete without many complications, something that is undoubtedly achieved in Hot Pursuit.

In addition to this, on these occasions we have a series of tools that will allow us to boycott our competitors or persecutors. This is how as we move forward We can use road blocks, spike barriers or electromagnetic pulses, giving the game a more action-packed touch.

Along with the traditional races to which the police forces are added, which means that you must be aware of both your pursuers and your rivals, Other modes are added, such as ‘time trials’ and persecutions. All with the same dynamism and speed that characterizes the saga so much. After each of these events is that points are obtained which allows to unlock new tracks and vehicles.

Perhaps something that draws the attention of this installment and that makes it so attractive from the beginning, is that Here they do not beat around the bush, from the first race you already have a car that can go at maximum speed, activate nitro and overcome the barrier of 150 km / hr with ease, While in other titles you must start from the bottom, with a car that does not perform at all and go through several competitions until you have one that is really worth it.

But let’s go to what is undoubtedly the most important factor, and that is it wouldn’t be a remaster if this game didn’t have a number of graphical improvements. This is how the game in its version of PS4, and Xbox One can work at 30fps and 1080p. On the other hand, both on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, the game reaches 60fps at 1080p in its performance mode, and 30fps with a 4k resolution in its quality mode. Finally the PC version can reach 4K and 60fps although of course, it depends on your machine.

Regarding the graphics The game looks quite good, and along with having an improved appearance in the different scenarios, a series of elements such as signs or trees have also been added to these, all of this makes the tracks look better than ever. In the same way, each vehicle looks amazing, although they do not have the greatest detail that has been seen in racing games, both the gloss and their paint make them look quite good when they are racing.

As we talk about painting, it must be mentioned that This game has more paint options for each vehicle than the original version, being able to choose the color that you like the most without any problem. Anyway, car customization system is not very deep, And in the same vein, this remastering does not have new content, although it does include the DLC that were released at the time, but there are no new races or vehicles.

Finally, in relation to the online game, we enter this through something called Autolog, which allows us to face other players, one of the biggest attractions being the fact that it has crossplay, so you can run with those of other platforms without major problems. In the same way, an information wall called « The Wall » is added, where you can see the victories and records in your races.

It should be mentioned that online races also add up to your solitaire game so you can also unlock elements by playing online.

In conclusion, Although Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered is not the best installment in the franchise, it still has all the elements that Need for Speed ​​fans value, and with all the elements so that each race can be enjoyed, whether online or against the machine, without very complex elements, keeping everything simple enough so that the important thing is only one thing: having fun behind the wheel.