20 Regime denounced the attack by the US for sanctioning a Chinese technology firm

Federico PARRA / .

Nicolás Maduro’s regime described the sanction imposed by the United States on the technology company Corporación China de Importaciones y Exportaciones Electrónicas (CEIEC), which provides service to the country, as an attack.

« The ruling elite of Washington, which takes so much pride in defending press freedom and free trade, today attacks international companies that provide services to the Venezuelan State, » said a statement from the Foreign Ministry.

Insulation measurement

The Executive of Nicolás Maduro says that the US takes these measures « with the inhuman objective of isolating the country and creating difficulties for the Venezuelan population. »

« Despite these attempts to create anxiety and attack the functioning of public institutions through various forms of blockade, the government will continue to demonstrate that it will not be intimidated by any action, no matter how perverse, and will know how to fulfill its responsibilities », the writing continued.

The regime insisted on pointing out these measures as illegal and affirmed that the new sanction shows the « incessant obsession of the United States to destabilize Venezuelan society. »

The US Treasury Department sanctioned the Chinese company for allegedly supporting the Maduro regime to « undermine democracy » in their country.

The Treasury explained in a statement that « it designates CEIEC for supporting the illegitimate efforts of the Maduro regime to undermine democracy in Venezuela, including its efforts to restrict internet service and carry out digital surveillance and cyber operations against its political opponents. » .

According to the US Administration, Chinese technology companies, including CEIEC, « continue to challenge the democratic values ​​of freedom and transparency by developing and exporting tools to monitor, censor and police the activities of citizens on the Internet. »

The Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, indicated in the text that the dependence of the Maduro regime on entities such as CEIEC « to advance its authoritarian agenda illustrates the prioritization by the regime of power over democratic values ​​and processes. »

According to the US authorities, CEIEC has been supporting “the evil cyber forces” of the Venezuelan Executive since 2017.

The statement detailed that « CEIEC has provided software, training and technical experience to entities of the Venezuelan Government, which were later used against the people of Venezuela. »