Raymundo Capetillo died on July 12 of complications from Covid-19. He left a great legacy of more than 30 soap operas

Raymundo Capetillo gave his body and soul to the world of soap operas. More than thirty dramatic of the most faithful pink genre; the one that makes the viewer’s emotions beat, witnessed the indisputable talent of this Mexican actor.

Her « wild heart » stopped beating on July 12. « From the earth to the moon » Raymundo Sánchez Capetillo, on his 76th birthday, left on a flight, leaving a great void with « Brave love » between his loved ones, friends and a hundred performance partners who worked with him. The Covid-19 took his life.

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He left, leaving the public wanting to continue seeing him on television, the same one he left seven years ago when he participated in Lying to Live, his latest soap opera.

Her face, voice, and acting work toured much of the world through melodramas. The decade of the 60s and 70s saw the birth of an art lover who left behind his finished career as an economist, to enter fully into the cameras, tables and applause of the public.

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Italian girl is coming to marry, La fiera, Victoria, Marisol, Dreamers, Rebel soul, Bridal Veil and Lying to live, were just some of the classics that we can revive to remember Raymundo Sánchez Capetillo.

In addition to soap operas, Raymundo also delivered his spirit on the stage of the theater and in the cinema. His films include: God’s dogs and White roses for my black sister.

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