20 Raúl Jiménez hopes to return to the courts, after surgery

Raúl Jiménez, striker for England’s Wolverhampton, sent a message of optimism, after undergoing surgery for a skull fracture he suffered last Sunday during the Wolves game against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. It was at minute 4 when the strong clash between the Mexican forward and the Brazilian defender of the Gunners David Luiz took place.

Through his Twitter account, the Mexican forward calmed the speculations that were generated around his future health. Thank you for your messages of support. I will be under observation and I hope to return to the courts soon ”published the Mexican attacker who is still under observation in a London hospital.

Jiménez’s message radiates calm to the union, especially when the news of the operation to which he was subjected after being admitted to the hospital to be assessed was known at dawn on Monday in Mexico.

“Raúl is calm after last night’s operation, which was carried out in a London hospital. Since that moment he has been accompanied by his partner Daniela and is now resting. He will be kept under observation for several days while his recovery begins, ”the statement said.

And the fact is that the image of Raúl on the field of play, leaving shocked and with oxygen made us fear the worst, since there is a very strong background of other players who suffered concussions, such as former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, who returned to play with special protection or former English midfielder Ryan Mason, who had to retire due to a skull fracture.

It depends on the gravity

The severity of Raúl Jiménez’s injury will determine his recovery time and how feasible he can return to the fields; so far, Wolverhampton has not disclosed this information.

“Depending on the type of fracture and if he had an internal injury, the diagnosis and rehabilitation will be determined; It is not the same just by placing a plate on a subsidence as when there is a penetrating fracture that has caused a serious hematoma, ”said neurosurgeon Ernesto Ledesma.

The specialist is favorable to say that Raúl is conscious, because that increases the chances that he can return to the courts. « An important guideline is that if the patient is operated on and is removed extubated, it is a patient who will do well, and in the future with some protection he can return to his activity, » he said.

A dangerous injury. These have been the most spectacular cases

Petr Cech, former goalkeeper
• In 2006, the Chelsea goalkeeper smashed the knee of Reading’s Stephen Hunt; He underwent sinking skull surgery and after 3 months he returned to the courts, although he had to wear a protective helmet.

Ryan Mason, former footballer
• England’s Ryan Mason suffered in 2017 a crash similar to that of Raúl Jiménez that forced him to retire from the courts; the then Hull City footballer collided with Chelsea’s Gary Cahill; 11 months later he retired.

Cristian Chivu, former soccer player
• In 2010, the Romanian fractured his skull in a game with Inter Milan against Chievo, resulting in a bruise. After a few months in rehab, he returned to the courts wearing a protective helmet.