In order to guarantee drinking water service, the mayor of the El Alto district, in the province of Talara (Piura), Jimmy Montalbán Campaign, requested the Service Provider Company (EPS) Grau the support of cisterns to supply the liquid element to the residents, while the installation of a reservoir in said locality is being carried out.

This request was made during the meeting of the general manager of EPS Grau, Roberto Sandoval Maza with the mayor, in which the progress of said work was announced, which is financed with resources from the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes (ARCC).

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As Sandoval Maza explained, the technical file of said project was prepared by the Investment Studies Department in conjunction with the Engineering Management (GI) of EPS Grau. Subsequently, the file was transferred to the El Alto District Municipality so that its financing can be managed before the central government.

« It has also been coordinated with our Department of Works and Supervision to provide the necessary support to the Alteña commune, which is the executing unit of this important work, which includes the construction of the reservoir and their respective drinking water distribution networks, ”said Sandoval Maza.

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