The actress caused new controversy by saying that she does not use face masks, even after the health recommendation about the COVID-19 infection.

Once again, Patricia Christmas It has boiled the spirits of social networks, as it remains firm in its position on the COVID-19 pandemic, referring that it is a global deception for dominate humanity, and now, in his refusal to follow directions in this regard, he states that she doesn’t use « muzzle », referring to the use of mouth covers.

“In my personal case, I go out whenever I want, I don’t wear a muzzle, I hug more, I wash my hands as necessary, I meditate, I take a deep breath, I read, I write, sometimes I enjoy a glass of wine and music, I’m not afraid, I don’t leave manipulate, I have faith, I pray, I feel, I see, I think and I question ”, the singer wrote in a tweet.

In yet another, she spoke again of the use of the muzzle, and further stated that she does not obey laws and orders that violate her human dignity, rights and freedoms.

“I don’t use a muzzle or a muzzle cover. I do not obey laws or orders that violate my human dignity and curtail my individual rights, freedoms and guarantees. I am free, aware, responsible and respectful of those who do use it, I do not go to places or to people who ask to wear a muzzle ”.

In one more publication, the actress questioned the fact that other celebrities and politicians who have revealed that they have been infected with Coronavirus have recovered quickly, have no symptoms or have not infected anyone close to them.

« Weirder than they say is highly contagious and deadly, but if we do not leave the house, we wash our hands, put a muzzle and a mask on, we avoid it. And the majority of politicians and celebrities who have said they are infected by the « virus » have no symptoms or are relieved in days and without infecting anyone.

Although many tweeters have dismissed her as irresponsible with her statements, many more support her theories and indicate that her words are full of reason, so they invite her not to judge her or call her « crazy » or ignorant as several users have done.