A new oil spill has produced environmental damage in northwestern Venezuela, the state oil company PDVSA reported this Saturday, noting that in recent days there were two leaks that were already controlled in the area of ​​Falcón state.

« PDvsa carries out environmental sanitation in the area affected by the oil leak that arose on line 1 Ulé-Amuay and in the sublacustre gas pipeline of the same corridor, near the Golfete de Coro area, » the company said in a statement.

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The state company explained that it confirmed the spill « via aerial inspection » and immediately proceeded to correct the leaks to « thus minimize the impact on the ecosystem. »

« Currently a sanitation plan is being developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism and a highly specialized team in the care of this type of operational event, » continues the letter in which they highlight the work of fishermen in these tasks of decontamination.

PDVSA remarks that thanks to a “quick action” it was possible to guarantee continuity in the supply of crude to the Paraguaná Refining Center, as well as the continuity of work in this oil complex, one of the largest in America.

In addition, the statement says, an « operational technical committee was activated that will have the task of executing, together with the pertinent agencies, an exhaustive investigation and determining the causes of this eventuality. »

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NGOs, activists and deputies of the Venezuelan Parliament warned of the environmental risk faced by the coasts of the central states of Carabobo and Falcon for another oil spill about which the Government of Nicolás Maduro has barely offered information and which was visible for at least two weeks, last August.

According to the Azul Ambientalistas Foundation, a slick of approximately 260 kilometers of hydrocarbons discharged by the El Palito Refinery has affected the beaches of Carabobo and the Morrocoy National Park in Falcón, one of the most popular resorts in the country.

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