PONCHO DE NIGRIS longed to have a third child with his wife, MARCELA MISTRAL, but the embryo formed outside the womb


Difficult moments lived Poncho De Nigris and his wife, Marcela Mistral, when they were forced to terminate their pregnancy due to complications that put the presenter and influencer’s life at risk. Days after what happened, the former Big Brother told us to be calmer, although sadness invades them because of the illusion they had made of giving a brother to their little Isabella and Ponchito.


After this unfortunate loss, how are you feeling?

We felt sad because we were very excited to have a third child in our marriage. It was very difficult at first to tell us that there was nothing; we did a more extensive check, and the embryo was out of the womb, it had to be removed. She was already a month and a half pregnant; the truth, it hurt a lot. Now we have to wait for a good time to pass.

When did Marcela realize she was pregnant?

From the first weeks, and he wanted to surprise me, but later he had to tell me about various things that we had to do, including some campaigns. She told me that she was pregnant so as not to make certain efforts, because in addition, she felt something strange in her body. However, we started to take care of myself … I was already very happy and I had not told anyone, because normally pregnancies are announced in the third month so that this type of thing does not happen and receive a blow as strong as the one we received.

How did they find out that there were problems with the pregnancy?

We went to the doctor, we didn’t see anything and she gave me a slump. I was depressed for a week, because I was very excited … I imagined my third son … The important thing is that right now we are all fine, because, given the complication, Marcela had to have an operation, since there was indeed an embryo, there was a baby, but it had formed outside the womb; it was an ectopic pregnancy.

How did you feel when they told you there was nothing in your wife’s womb?

First, courage; then, sadness and disappointment, because I already imagined my baby with his little brothers … It is that, honestly, it is not easy to have children; there are many people who do have many children, but it is not easy, it is a great blessing, it is the inheritance of God, it is a miracle. I see it as a gift from heaven, that’s why it hit me so much.

Poncho by Nigris and Marcela Mistral | Photo: courtesy


Did you have a hard time having children before?

We battled normal, let’s say six months to have the girl.

Do you keep the illusion of giving a brother to your children?

Yes, I would like to have a baby, and if they become twins, welcome. The net is that after this happened to us, it is the best thing that can happen to us. I believe that the best thing we leave here on earth is the family, the offspring.

Have you thought about undergoing treatment to look for those twins?

No, we have not thought about it because we want everything to be natural. Let’s see what happens.

How have you supported Marcela after this sad episode?

I have been there at all times, I spend all the time taking care of the children, since right now she cannot because of the operation; she is indisposed and, besides, she feels sad. Here the issue was no longer that the baby was saved, the roles were changed, because first there was Marcela’s life. It was a high-risk pregnancy and she could die because, if we did not realize in time that the embryo was outside the womb, internal bleeding was coming and not her account. But we are calmer now because he managed to get out of the operation well, he did not lose any ovary and here we are both, in good times and in
the evil ones.

Nigris Poncho | Photo: courtesy