20 Netflix movies that don’t look good, but are pretty good

The classic phrase says that never judge a book by its cover. Although it is true that, what looks bad, ends up being as bad as promised. When the river sounds … Indeed, logic is usually this overwhelming, but we cannot always trust ourselves. In reality, those prejudices are constantly playing against us and preventing us from taking more risks as spectators. Wow, that fill us with doubts: What if I don’t like it? What if I waste two hours of my life in vain? Isn’t it better to play it safe and not go near these films that I don’t know and don’t look good at all? First, watching a movie will never be in vain. Second, surely we lose those two hours in more silly ways than simply watching a film that has not convinced us. And third, you have to take more risks!

Therefore, and trying not to get carried away by that look suggested by the cover photo or the synopsis line on Netflix, Here we discover a score of films that, we hope, do not disappoint you too much. Sometimes life surprises us. Scrolling through the Netflix catalog surely you came across the covers of some of these and thought: “Hmmmm … No.” The time has come to give them a chance. We assure you that they are more interesting than they seem.

1 The house with the clock on the wall (2018)

Although its poster may seem like one of those childhood adventures without much grace and where its stars are wasted, the truth is that ‘The house with the clock on the wall’ is quite endearing. Based on the novel by John bellairs, tells through the story of a 10-year-old boy the magical secrets hidden in a clock in his uncle’s old house. With script of Eric Kripke (creator of such successful series as ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Boys’), directed by Eli roth (who signed the harrowing ‘The Green Inferno’) and with Jack black and Cate blanchett As the film’s adult leads, it’s worth giving it a try.

2 Dora and the lost city (2019)

Children who grew up in the early 2000s will know her perfectly well: Dora the Explorer became a hit with her animated series, and it was a matter of time before her adventures were brought to the big screen. They did it in 2019, in live action and much more interest in their adventurous side than in their talking backpack. The actress Isabela Merced He gave life to the character, and his enthusiasm and charisma sold a movie that is not bad at all, either to entertain the little ones in the house or to do the same with the adults.

3 What the Octopus Taught Me (2020)

Of course, this documentary does not start from the most attractive premise in the world: the relationship between a man and an octopus? But beware, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover: this film by Pippa Ehrlich and James reed is nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary this year, and has received rave reviews around the world. The reason is that this is not just a ‘Tiger King’ story of eccentricities, but an emotional, humanistic and surprising account of a true story in which a filmmaker forges a friendship with an octopus.

4 Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020)

Don’t be scared by the looks of this movie about Eurovision, because it’s a great comedy that will give you not only laughter in your living room, but also a great song (nominated for an Oscar) to put you in a loop. ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ follows the musical duo formed by Lars (Will ferrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams) on their mission to represent Iceland in the European music competition. Whether you are Eurovision at heart or not, this movie is great for having a good time.

5 Between Two Ferns (2019)

The actor Zach galifianakis (seen in the ‘Hangover’ trilogy) surrounds himself with a host of stars the likes of Brie Larson, Benedict Cumberbatch or Keanu Reeves to ask the most awkward questions you could imagine. And it does, of course, between two ferns. Literally. Don’t be fooled by that strange title or the almost documentary format: this is a movie to make you laugh.

6 the Babysitter (2017)

Nannies should have a movie genre to themselves. And do not think that they are all good and affectionate: in this film directed by McG, a child will be involved in a ‘slasher’ with airs of ‘Alone at home’ in which Samara weaving eats the screen. Funny and disturbing, you will not regret having hit play.

7 Perfection (2018)

The Netflix movie that left everyone with a jaw drop this year. It is no wonder: it starts out as one of those after-dinner movies with which you end up having a good nap, until, at a certain point, everything takes an amazing turn and takes paths that we would never have foreseen. Madness or genius? Richard Shepard get all of that, and we’d do well to give it a try.

8 Beach Rats (2017)

Despite all the assumptions we can make with that title, it is likely that none have anything to do with this wonderful movie of Eliza hittman, which won the Best Directing award at the Sundance Film Festival. A little gem hidden in the Netflix catalog, and that portrays the complex inner journey of a young man from the Brooklyn underworld who navigates among the prevailing toxic masculinity in search of his true identity.

9 Someone Special (2019)

Romantic comedy lives on Netflix in ways we never expected. No, the genre is not dead, and this Jennifer Kaytin Robinson proves it. And not only that: also that he can coexist with modernity, feminism and a ‘playlist’ to remove his hat. Gina Rodriguez (‘Jane The Virgin’) leads the cast wonderfully.

10 Blind (2018)

Maybe you saw the memes on Twitter, but you missed the movie. Big mistake: not bad at all! Directed by the Oscar winner Susanne bier (‘In a better world’), is a terrifying dystopia in which some kind of evil being invades the Earth and inserts suicidal feelings into everyone who lays eyes on it. The solution is to go blind, escaping through the woods to try to get to safety.

11 How To Get Rid Of Your Boss (2018)

Netflix has interesting romantic comedies (like the wonderful ‘The Incredible Jessica James’) and others not so much (the terrible ‘My First Kiss’). Perhaps moved by the latter you have decided to avoid the original ‘rom-com’ of the platform, but it is time for you to lift the ban: one of the most recent, starring the great Glen powell and Zoey deutch, is a little gem of the genre. Don’t be fooled by its conventional poster or the absurdity of its synopsis. It is really fun, and romantic!

12 Little Devil (2017)

For fans of ‘Tucker & Dale Against Evil’, see this new movie from Eli craig it was an absolute MUST. However, for those who do not know the delusional work of the Canadian, perhaps the cover of this Netflix original movie – with that screaming child taken from ‘The Prophecy’, a Adam scott with a ‘get me out of here’ face and a Evangeline lilly to ‘you’re doing amazing sweetie’ – it wasn’t too promising. But hey: his mix of horror and comedy works, and very well, and the result is a hilarious parody of the genre and a reflection on what parenthood means.

13 Buster’s Mal Heart (2016)

Sarah Adina Smith writes and directs this indie film starring a versatile and haunting Rami Malek, who plays here a man divided into two different bodies. Behind an unattractive title, an unknown filmmaker and this mask of Malek, hides an exciting and intense film, which will reveal something very different from what we usually find on conventional billboards. For that alone, it’s worth checking out.

14 Under the Shadow (2016)

Best Film in the Noves Visions Section of the Sitges Festival, perhaps this film by Babak Anvari has gone unnoticed. Perhaps because of its conventional title – how many films have the word ‘shadow’ in their title? – or its strange plot, but it is time to make it clear: this is one of the most surprising, terrifying and realistic cinematographic proposals of recent years. With one eye on the classics and the other on modernity, the film is a revelation that is waiting for you in the Netflix catalog.

15 Sword of the Immortal (2017)

With Takashi miike The same thing always happens to us: he has better films and worse films, but seeing him is always a MUST. On Netflix we can see one of his latest films, which delve into the world of samurais in a dazzling way, with an initial black and white scene that will blow your wigs away. Epic left over from every pore. ‘Go big or go home’.

16 Ibiza (2018)

No, this is not a great movie, and although it is titled ‘Ibiza’, it is shot in Croatia. We started badly no, the following. However, despite its fair plot and its desire to continue stereotyping the Balearic island, it has one great virtue: its actors and actresses. The trio formed by Gillian jacobs, Vanessa bayer and Phoebe Robinson has a charisma capable of hiding the inconsistencies of the script, and the chemistry between Jacobs and Richard Madden, romantic partner of the function, gives a lot of light to the whole set. Although not very good, it is undoubtedly enjoyable if we get carried away as much as its protagonists in Ibiza parties (sorry, Croatians).

17 Duck butter (2018)

With very little media coverage and a title that literally means “duck butter,” this didn’t seem like one of those movies to put on the list. Nevertheless, Laia Costa and Alia shawkat they shine like two women finding the lost intimacy of their personal life, and star in a remarkable movie. The filmmaker Miguel Arteta placeholder image imbues this story with charm, intelligence and sensitivity.

18 Super Dark Times (2017)

It may seem like just another teen drama at first, but this Kevin Phillips hides a lot of darkness in the minds of its young characters. Wow, it’s literally called “super dark times” for a reason. With a surprising and violent ending, we recommend you let yourself be carried away by its history, its honesty and its escalating tension.

19 It Was Heaven (2016)

This Brazilian psychological thriller that we can find in the Netflix Spain catalog is escalating into an unbearable tension between its leading partner, a marriage with unspeakable secrets and unbearable traumas. Directed by Marco DutraIt is a film that can be scary for its disturbing plot of sexual abuse, but lovers of surprising dramas will be delighted.

20 Blue Jay (2016)

Independent black and white romantic drama you’ve never heard of? More than one will run away, but will do wrong: with a script by Mark Duplass, who stars in the film alongside the always wonderful Sarah paulson, and only 85 of footage, this little gem hidden in the Netflix catalog should be one of your must-haves this week. Pure sensitivity, honesty and realism, in a story that exudes emotion and romance.

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