Jenni Rivera’s daughter celebrates this June 26 her 35 springs, separated from her husband, Lorenzo Méndez and very daring!

Few weeks ago Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez, revealed that they had separated, just a few days after fulfilling his first year of marriage, and the birthday of the eldest daughter of the deceased Jenni Riverashe celebration this June 26 very « released”With a photo of her nakedwearing their prominent curves, which he shared on Instagram with his followers.

The singer showed her charms in an image in which, in a sensual pose, she exhibited her curvy beauty, using only nude heels, necklaces and her long hair covering what was necessary.

Confident of her figure, she self-congratulated herself for being the “birthday girl”, risking receiving comments from malicious people who haunt social media. However, her faithful followers not only congratulated her on her name day, but for her daring and security, as well as highlighting her beauty.

This along with the information that ensures that Chiquis, along with Lorenzo, had talked about freezing their eggs to, at a given moment, grow the family with a baby. However, after the separation of the young marriage, apparently her plans in this regard, remain standing, although it is no longer next to Méndez.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas