Mhoni Vidente published his predictions for the month of July in which he spoke of natural phenomena, Coronavirus, politics and economy

Mhoni Vidente after predicting the last earthquake of more than 7.6 that was felt strongly in Mexico City, now announces, on his YouTube channel, that he sees more earthquakes during the month of July in Mexico.

“Hurricanes, storms are coming, wait for everything you can imagine coming from the sun. Volcanoes will begin to erupt in the month of July, the earthquakes will begin to move throughout the planet, « he said as part of his predictions for the month of July.

Although he did not specify a date, he did say that there will be several earthquakes that will be felt: “There is an earthquake in Asia of a category of almost 9 that will give rise to a tsunami off the coast of America. The earthquakes will continue to gallop in Mexico and California but without serious consequences. « 

He warned: “Very strong things are coming in July and in the remaining months. We must not let fear control the mind. Apart from natural phenomena he predicted that a plane crash will come with very important politicians from America

“The devil is going to be completely hitting the whole month of July with attacks, wars and strange things in almost all countries. The virus (Covid-19) will continue to gallop in all countries, it will go down, but then there will be a rebound and then it will go down again. A currency is seen for all of America that will govern the economy throughout the continent and will seek to combat poverty. That currency will be the dollar ”.

The popular seer assured: “July is the beginning of the apocalypse: 13 months of radical change for the human being. It is not the end of the world, but it is the change of America ”.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas