Montserrat and Yaya took the next step after five years of dating

Montserrat Oliver gave his followers a great surprise by revealing to them through his Instagram account that he married his girlfriend, the Slovak model and photographer, Yaya Kosikova … six months ago!

The beautiful driver published a photo in which both appear in a tailor suit, while she holds a bouquet of flowers. With this beautiful image it was that both made their marital union known.

« Love is ours, happiness is shared. Love grows and transforms, that transformation is called commitment, supporting us, accompanying us and continuing to fight together ”, Montserrat wrote and added:“ I would choose you over and over again ”.

The secret wedding was held at the residence they both own in Texas, United States; It was right there where they got engaged in November last year.

Montserrat Oliver and Yaya Kosikova took their relationship to the next level after five years of relationship, which started in New York when they met at a job to National Geographic.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas