Major League Wrestling is partnering with, a sports media company specializing in the distribution of sports content tailored for social media through its brand portfolio.

The deal will include the distribution of MLW content on social media with an emphasis on sports combat media brand “HAYMAKERS.” will take the highlights of MLW programming and blow it up to its audience of Gen Z and Millennial sports fans.

MLW CEO and founder Court Bauer promoted the association in a press release sent out on Tuesday.

“Wrestling has the most active social media fan base in combat sports, so being able to expand and connect with fans in a deeper sense to share our immersive rivalries, fights and athletes with is a great next step for us. MLW embraces emerging trends and technology, and is a perfect match for the league. ”

The brand network reaches more than 60 million people.

Daniel Maas, vice president of associations for WAVE, promotes the rapid growth of MLW and that the league is perfect for the HAYMAKERS brand.

“MLW is a welcome addition to our fast-growing Combat Sports vertical, powered by media brand HAYMAKERS, where we’ve added more than 10 new rights partners in 2020, covering boxing, MMA, wrestling, and more.”

For more information on the platform, see its official website.