He Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, together with the Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza and the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Zúñiga, they traveled this day to the River region and in the flight of the Chilean Air Force (FACH) also transferred invasive mechanical ventilators to strengthen the hospital care network and personal protection elements (PPE) for health officials.

The minister and both undersecretaries They held early coordination meetings in the city of Valdivia with the participation of the mayor, César Asenjo, to develop activities in the communes of Lanco, Los Lagos and San José de la Marquina during the day.

“We met with mayors and representatives of the municipalities of Valdivia, La Unión, Panguipulli, Lanco, San José de la Mariquina, Los Lagos, Corral, Máfil, Paillaco, Futrono, Lago Ranco and Río Bueno, from whom we listened to their proposals and opinions. . I cannot resolve some of them directly, but we are going to discuss them with the President and the other ministers, as we usually do ”, declared Minister Paris at the end of the first activity carried out in the region.

Also participating in the meeting was Chief of the Defense of Los Ríos, General Guillemo Sánchez, the Ministry of Health, Regina Barra and the director of the Valdivia Health Service, Víctor Hugo Jaramillo.

It was in that instance, said the minister, that it was “reported that The hospitals of La Unión, Río Bueno and Los Lagos have already entered the bidding and presentation phase of projects in early October. With an investment of 4 billion UF, 180 million dollars for these three hospitals. This will mean an increase in beds for the region ”.

Regarding the development of the epidemic in the area, the Secretary of State indicated that « This is one of the three regions that entered Phase 4, which is a very advanced phase in the Step by Step plan and that has meant a great effort for them. »

He added that « so far we have kept moving forward, but without a doubt we have to review the figures over and over again, and if it is necessary to go back, we will go backwards, which does not mean failure, but rather science put into practice » .

The undersecretary, Paula Daza, in turn added that « we have seen that this pandemic has hit the whole world and also our country, and here in the Los Ríos Region we have seen that the evolution in these 7 months has been positive »

He reported that « Indeed we have seen an increase in the number of cases in recent days, particularly in some communes, however the strategy that has been deployed here of testing, traceability and isolation has allowed us to know in a preventive way, all those positive cases and isolate an important number that today is in sanitary residences. « 

For his part, Undersecretary Arturo Zúñiga agreed to highlight the work of the local health teams, which allowed Los Ríos, with Aysén and La Araucanía, to be the first three regions to advance to Step 4.

“This is a reflection of the work of the 400 thousand people who live in the Los Ríos Region. The only way to maintain control of the pandemic is to comply with the recommendations that we are making as a health authority, that is, avoid social gatherings and hopefully spend some national holidays as a family, where we can all row to the same side, « he said.


Within the framework of the Covid-19 Plan of the Ministry of Health, the minister reported that they moved to Valdivia 8 invasive mechanical ventilators, model VG70, 10 thousand masks and 100 face shields.

“I want to acknowledge, apart from these imported fans brought from Santiago, the delivery that we will make of fans that they make here in Valdivia. Here there are two companies that have manufactured high quality ventilators, which I think can be exported helping neighboring countries, this being a recognition of the scientific work of the Valdivian community ”, he declared after his visit to the Hospital Base Valdivia.

The health authority With this, he gave an account of the results at the local level of Corfo’s initiative to develop national mechanical fans, as a way to ensure the available stock and promote marketing to other markets.

The equipment was developed by the Allware-Unmanned alliance, two companies from the city of Valdivia that joined for this purpose. The team was named Valdivia for its city of manufacture.

Currently there is an availability of eight finished fans. Five of them destined to establishments in the Los Ríos Region and the remaining three to the Los Lagos Region. These teams were added to the 8 arranged by the Ministry of Health today.

The Minister of Health also referred to another local development innovation, noting that « I think it is also very important to recognize the work that the Hospital de Valdivia is doing on the issue of plasma from recovered patients », after visiting the Blood Bank of the Base Hospital, where she heard the testimony of the first beneficiary of this treatment in this area.

On April 29, the Valdivia Base Hospital carried out the first plasma extraction from a donor, being transfused on May 4 to a pregnant patient diagnosed with Pneumonia by COVID-19. The patient managed to stabilize and on May 5, she underwent an emergency cesarean section giving birth, being discharged in optimal condition after 52 days hospitalized in the Neonatology Unit.

To date, September 10, 36 treatments have been performed with SARS-CoV-2 Hyperimmune Plasma from local donors.

The project, which has a duration of 2 years, is financed by the Innovation Fund for Competitiveness (FIC) of the Regional Government of Los Ríos and its Regional Council, with an amount of $ 90,500,000, which together with other contributions such as the from the Austral University of Chile (UACH), exceeded 120 million pesos and that will benefit 100 patients, 400 families and hospitals or other institutions that want to replicate the technology.

After learning about these experiences, Minister Paris concluded that « I am left with a feeling that things are done well here, that the effort is worth it and that as I have said many times, the health issue is a State issue. »