Michelle Renaud gave details of the emotional state of Pablo Lyle, who is in Miami accused of involuntary manslaughter

One of the first celebrities who supported Pablo Lyle and who continues to do so, after a street fight ended in tragedy, is Michelle Renaud.

While the actor continues his preventive arrest at his home, the protagonist of La Reina Soy Yo assured that he spoke with him because he has been very aware of his friend during his house arrest while determining his legal situation.

And it is that Michelle Renaud had a live with Alejandra Ávalos, actress who took part in the soap opera La Sombra del Pasado (2014), like Lyle: “I spoke to him a couple of months ago, he is super positive, that is, he is fine, ”said Ávalos.

Pablo Lyle. Photo: Luis Fernández

For her part, Michelle highlighted the importance that the support of her family and friends has had in Lyle throughout the entire judicial process.

« Obviously he’s going through a difficult time […] Imagine how much life loves him, because he is a great person, who made us all like him. In other words, right now we are all the same as him, we cannot leave the house, we are seeing each other on the phone and nobody is making money ”, explained Michelle Renaud without giving more details.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas