Deaths in Mexico from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus amount to 70,604, while there are 663,973 accumulated positive cases and 87,150 suspected cases, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health released this 12 of September.

The Director General of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, indicated that 467,525 people have recovered from the virus, while there are 72,293 estimated deaths and 42,259 active cases estimated.

As of Monday, September 14, the new epidemiological risk traffic light will apply, in which no state appears in red. There are 24 entities in orange and only eight in yellow.

Colima and Aguascalientes remain at the head of the hospital occupation

Colima remains the entity with the highest hospital occupancy for general beds with 56 percent, followed by Nuevo León and Nayarit. Of the 30,986 total beds, 9,697 are occupied.

Aguascalientes is the state with the highest occupancy of beds with a fan, with 45 percent, followed by Mexico City and Nuevo León. DOut of the 10,705 total beds, 2,899 are occupied.

Seventeen states contributed to the decline in the epidemic nationwide

The director of Epidemiology reported that 17 states have contributed to the decline of the epidemic at the national level until week 35, among them are the State of Mexico, Quintana Roo, Oaxaca and Tamaulipas.

He explained that in Edomex the downward trend has been maintained, which is close to reaching all the cases it presented, while Quintana Roo shows a plateau with a downward trend. In Oaxaca, it registers a decrease after presenting its peak of infections in week 28, which has been maintained.

Meanwhile, Tamaulipas had an increase in cases between weeks 29 and 30 and later registered a marked decrease that seems to want to make a plateau between weeks 34 and 35.

More than a thousand people from the indigenous population have died from the coronavirus

1,249 indigenous people have died due to the coronavirus; Most of the deaths occurred in Yucatán, Oaxaca, the State of Mexico, Quintana Roo and Puebla.

Alomia explained that the people who died had comorbidities, most of them hypertension. Meanwhile, there are 8,563 confirmed cases.

Mexico will ensure vaccines for 25 million with Covax coalition

The government of Mexico will ensure the doses required to vaccinate against covid-19 to 25 million vulnerable people and health workers through the Covax coalition of the World Health Organization (WHO), reported José Luis Alomía, director General of Epidemiology.

He said that no later than next Tuesday, Mexico will define the model of the commitment that it will assume with the coalition, if it is exclusive with Covax or if it leaves the door open to acquire immunization with direct negotiations with pharmaceutical companies.