Máximo San Román announced his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic for the general elections of April 11, 2021 under the ranks of Contigo, a political party of which he is one of the founders.

« I have within me that vocation of service for my country and every time I have always been of support, » said the former presidential adviser in dialogue with RPP.

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Likewise, the former first vice president of the Republic during the first government of Alberto Fujimori He stressed the need to elect a head of state who understands the problems that affect the country.

“This time I have accepted the challenge of leading the party and have assumed leadership. I have been recognized as such and I hope that, with the success it deserves, Peru needs to elect a good president who knows it, who knows the problem and has mainly the alternative solution”, He specified.

“I have concrete solutions to move the country forward from this crisis of morals and the principle of authority that has been lost. In this country there is no justice, justice is done so that it takes 30 years and, after 10 years, they go free and are even candidates and presidents, « continued the former adviser of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

San Román Cáceres added that he intends to reverse the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a disease that, according to the Ministry of Health, has already recorded 30,927 deaths.

“I want to reestablish a true policy in Peru to combat hunger, which is the worst scourge of a society and because of hunger they die. (…) All of this can be reversed, I know the reality of our country and I also have concrete solutions to move it forward, we have to support all kinds of entrepreneurship ”, he stated.

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El Partido Contigo, with supporters such as Gilbert Violeta, Juan Sheput, and Jorge Villacorta As secretary general, he is in search of new elements to make up the parliamentary list for the 2021 elections.

“We are against time, we are summoning the best personalities of the country regardless of their party affiliation. The only condition is that they have impeccable moral and ethical capacities, that they know our reality in the field that corresponds to them. We have to summon the youth with a winning mentalityThey have to be successful Peruvians, find a personal fulfillment in what they do ”, concluded San Román.

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