20 March in Mexico City for murder of French businessman

Neighbors and friends of the French restaurant entrepreneur, Baptiste Jacques Daniel Lormand, They gathered at the Archimedes Glorieta located in Polanco, Mexico City, to march in memory of the businessman who was murdered along with his partner last weekend.

Dressed in white and with white flowers, the inhabitants wrote phrases on cardboard with slogans for the death of the businessman, in addition to demanding justice.

The march left for the Surtidora Don Bátiz restaurant, on Calle Julio Verne, in Polanco, business that was owned by Baptiste Jacques.

During the protesters’ meeting, some crowds formed, without a healthy distance, although the participants wore face masks.

At the scene, a woman was selling flags of Mexico and France. Hours before starting the march, police from the capital increased their presence in the area. Upon arriving at the businessman’s restaurant, around 3:30 p.m. Central Mexico time, the protesters placed flowers.

One by one, each participant left a rose, cardboard or lit candles on three altars that were set up outside the business.

French Ambassador Jean Pierre Asvazadourian stated that the Government of Mexico City assured him that they are working for justice in the murder of Lormand.

Mayté de las Rivas, president of the Association La Voz de Polanco, pointed out that in the pandemic the reports of robberies with violence on public roads suffered by the inhabitants of that neighborhood have increased.

« People do not report, the truth, because it will not prosper, you go and miss one morning, in the Prosecutor’s Office, in the Mayor’s Office. Above all, there has been a lot of concern, we notice in the chats that people do not feel safe, « said De las Rivas.

At dawn on November 28, in the Pueblo Magdalena Petlacalco neighborhood of Tlalpan, Mexico City, the lifeless bodies of the French businessman Baptiste Jacques Daniel Lormand and that of his partner Luis Orozco were found. Both were bound and with signs of violence.

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