Libra (born between September 23 and October 22): On the 14th, today you will have to make use of your great imagination and your sympathy, since between the two you will be able to organize many matters that are waiting to be resolved. Today everything will seem that you can do it faster than usual; so you can give double. You should pay attention to a close person who needs advice.

On Tuesday 15, today you will have to take a break and calm down in everything that has to do with emotions. You should use your experience and all the baggage of your life to be able to communicate with others in the best possible way and in addition to the one that is most friendly and beneficial for everyone. On Wednesday 16th, today your projects start from the premise of getting to be with intimate and trusted friends; because they are the only ones that help you in the good times and the « not so good » ones. So prepare a meeting and enjoy to the fullest. You will feel very comfortable and protected by the group. And this will cheer you up a lot.

On Thursday 17, today your ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally will be at stake. And especially in live conversations. You will realize how to assert yourself and how to defend your ideas; since you will have a fantastic and very busy day. Friday the 18th, today is a day for you to finish once and for all with certain matters that are unfinished and that need you to give them a quick and definitive pass. So be glad that you will have clever ideas for it and that you will feel happy, once everything is done. Stay calm and collected at all times; so everything will go much better.

Saturday 19, will be a day today to be able to talk quietly with your partner or people with whom you live to solve certain pending issues and that it is important that they be fixed; so as not to wear them all the time. When you solve something important you take a great weight off your shoulders; and you get calm. And on Sunday 20, it is a day in which you can solve the odd misunderstanding with someone close to you. Sometimes it is better to deal with the issue as soon as possible so that it does not grow and become more unsolvable. Then you will feel great relief.

So far the weekly horoscope for Libra. Would you like to know how a family member will do at work? Do you want to know if a friend should have a checkup, or if it is a good week for ‘that’ person to find love? EL ESPAÑOL offers you the rest of this week’s horoscopes expanded so that you know what the stars are in store.