Cancer (born between June 22 and July 22): On Monday the 14th, on this day you should lean on your inner strength and your natural grace, since they are your best tools in everything you do. However, you should avoid precipitation. For this it will be better that you follow everything in a fluid and calm way. So everything will be easier to do.

On Tuesday 15, today your most intimate desires will be accompanied by a balance between reasoning and emotions. And furthermore, your strength will lie in your learning to « stay out of the rag », because you will have a series of encounters with some people that will not be entirely easy. So pay close attention and try to stay out of it right now. And on Wednesday 16, you should focus all your attention and vitality on professional matters and / or related to economic issues; since you are very well aspected on this day and you will be able to carry out the issues you have in hand. You will notice that everything you do will be more balanced; which will help you achieve better success than other days.

On Thursday 17, today your projects should be based on your creative potential and your great vital impulse, which in addition to being very strong; today he is accompanied by joy and fortune. So take advantage and do everything you have to undertake and solve those issues that concern you, in a practical and simple way. On Friday the 18th, today the most important thing will be that you focus on everything related to communication and advertising and social networks that you have, to publicize your capabilities and your activities. You will realize that fortune is smiling on you and that you have enough drive to take care of several things at the same time.

On Saturday 19, you will be able to carry out your social and / or professional projections with a great dose of energy and plenitude. You know that you have ingenious ideas and great gifts and aptitudes to carry them out. So take advantage and keep in mind only that you must be calm and calm for everything. And on Sunday the 20th, you will notice that your internal energy is very powerful, and that you feel as if you are being watched and not left alone. You have to know how to relax and get enough rest, to get off to a good start next week.

So far the weekly Cancer horoscope. Would you like to know how a family member will do at work? Do you want to know if a friend should have a checkup, or if it is a good week for ‘that’ person to find love? EL ESPAÑOL offers you the rest of this week’s horoscopes expanded so that you know what the stars are in store.